Martin Hermann

Chief Executive Officer

As both an operating executive and serial entrepreneur, Martin has spent his career identifying fast-growing market opportunities where market fundamentals have enabled him to create significant value across a company’s key constituents including customers, shareholders and team.

As a catalyst for founding and subsequently investing in BrightNight, Martin saw a clear inflection point and strong need in the energy market for firm renewable energy. To capitalize on this enormous market opportunity, he built the company with a team of true energy experts. BrightNight differentiates through its focus on customer value, research and development, and an unparalleled understanding of sector dynamics using a quant-based approach.

Prior to BrightNight, Martin founded 8minutenergy and as CEO built it over 10 years into the largest independent solar developer in North America. With its 10+ GW portfolio, Martin delivered several industry firsts, including setting industry PPA price-point records in some of the world’s most competitive markets.

Before 8minutenergy, Martin helped grow Advent Solar, a manufacturer of solar cells and solar modules. He also held an executive management position in Intel’s wireless group, delivering the most innovative processors for wireless communication devices serving the burgeoning smartphone market; and founded CAD-UL a semiconductor programming tools company that he sold to Intel.